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Have 2020 Vision for Your Garden

A little play on words there in the title, but yes, Happy New Year from all of us at the nursery! We are so excited to serve you in 2020. As winter presses on, it is the perfect time to be dreaming about your garden. We are already planning for spring's arrival here at the nursery.

Photo is from last year inside one of our spring annual greenhouses.

We grew over 119,000 spring annuals last year!

When you're planning out a new gardening bed or want to add plants to an existing one, sometimes seeing pictures can really jump-start that imaginative process. That's where our Pinterest boards come into play! Cozy up and look at them for lots of great inspiration. We have laid out boards especially for spring gardening, herbs and vegetables, plants that add fall foliage, plants that give spectacular winter interest, and more. We hope as you look through, you get ideas about what you'd like your garden to look like! We are always here to help you make those dreams a reality.

Something new we have added on our website this year is our brand new plant finder! This helpful guide walks you through what plants will work well for your space. You can type in what kind of sun requirements you need, what type of plant you're searching for (tree, shrub, perennial, annual) and even more detailed information (like if you want it to bloom specifically in a certain season, or you definitely want it to have beautiful fall color)!

To use this helpful tool, first go to our website homepage and click on Plant Finder.

From there, you will be able to scroll down and select what criteria you want to search for. You can be as specific or non-specific as you'd like!

In this example, I searched for a white-flowering tree that stays around 20' x 20' or less. I also said I had a full sun location.

And, as you can see, many options came up for me to look through! Please note that the best results will be the first ones listed. Depending on how specific your search was, more options come up but they may not be exactly suited to your needs if your search was pretty specified.

In this example above, the first page comes up with many great options, but numbers 8 and 10 are getting a little larger in height than I had specified for my space. So know that the first few listed are your best choices based on your search.

With this new tool, you can also create a wish list! You simply click the 'Add to My Wish List' button beside the plant info, then when you're ready to see what you've saved, click 'View My Wish List' at the top of the page (shown below).

Your wish list will come up and you can take a photo of it with your phone to know what plants you're looking at or print it and bring it to the Garden Center with you. Below you can see that you can add quantities also, depending on the size of your gardening space.

We are really excited about this new feature, as it will help you research what plants you're looking for before you come or after a visit! Also, it will help us assist you even better, when you know your garden dimensions and sunlight requirements and want to see many options that could work in your space. We are always happy to help you lay out your garden and answer gardening questions. Begin having 2020 vision for YOUR gardening beds by using these two tools to help inspire you for spring!


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