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Riverbend's Top Five Blog Posts of 2017

Happy New Year!

It has been a chilly start to the season, hasn't it?! So why don't you cozy up (snuggly socks & everything!), and dream of Spring planting by checking out our top five blog posts of 2017. :)

#5 Fabulous Flowers Flourishing: This will put you in Spring dream mode!

#4 Great Beginner Perennials: Perennials come back year after year. Here are some of the easiest (& they're beautiful, too!) perennials to care for- perfect for beginner gardeners or those just wanting easy care plants!

#3 Kid's Club is Where It's At: Our monthly Kid's Club has activities that foster a love for Nature & gardening. In a tech-savvy world, we feel it is more important than ever for our children to have a deep love for the outdoors, & we feel honored to come alongside you & help instill that through interesting & fun activities.

#2 Pruning Roses 101: Because many of us don't know for sure when to prune our roses or how to do it correctly. This informative little how-to will help!

And our top #1 post for 2017: B&B Tree Sale!: Which is still going on (50% off on selected B&B trees!) by the way!

Spring is about 10 weeks away, but you don't have to wait that long to come by your local Nursery! We are here to help answer gardening questions you have & help you get a head-start on planning out your Spring planting project. What questions do you have for us today? We always love hearing from you!

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