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Repotting or Potting Up

It's time to take a good look at any plants that stay in container pots outdoors year-round. If they've been in those pots for two years or more, it's time to either repot with fresh soil or pot up- meaning they have outgrown their current pot and need a larger one.

For repotting (not needing a new, larger pot): Regular potting soil tends to be too lightweight for outdoor shrubs in pots. Consider using a high-quality potting soil (Fox Farm's potting soils are great and we offer them here) or make your own using 2 parts top soil, 2 parts compost (worm castings is a great choice), and 1 part perlite or sand to aid in drainage. Once you've mixed this together, add a time-release fertilizer (such as Osmocote) and you're ready to refill your pot and replant your plant. Water deeply once replanted.


For potting up: You'll know a plant has outgrown its container when it is rootbound, or not flowering or producing like it once did. It may even look less healthy or need to be watered more frequently than it used to. Look for a new container that has a drainage hole in the bottom (very important!). The new pot should be at least 2 inches larger than the diameter of the plant. When taking the plant out of its existing pot, gently loosen its roots before placing it in the new pot (using new soil). Cover generously with fresh soil and water well.


We have a large selection of gorgeous pots at the nursery, as well as soils and fertilizers perfect for repotting or potting up!

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