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How to Water in this Heat/ Lack of Rain


Newly planted (planted within the past year) trees and shrubs need tending to during the first year they're planted in your yard. Often, summer and fall are very dry in our area, and you'll need to supplement with deeply watering newly planted trees and shrubs to ensure they don't dry out. While we are currently experiencing little to no rainfall and hot temperatures in Middle TN, you'll want to water deeply/ keep an eye on watering established plants by following the guidelines below.


For trees and shrubs, "deep watering" means setting a hose at the base of the plant on a slow stream of water for approx. 20 minutes every 3-4 days. A very slow stream of water is important so it slowly soaks down into the plant's roots and doesn't gush away from the plant. Tree gators are available here at the nursery and are perfect for trees you can't water that often. We also have Soil Moist Mats- vacation watering pads that you wet and place under indoor or outdoor pots. This waters pots for up to 3 weeks; perfect for not worrying about your beautiful potted plants when going out of town.


Watering in the morning is best because it gives foliage plenty of time to dry during the day so a fungus doesn't set in, but if you can't in the morning, the evening works, too.


Did you know evergreens do not show signs of being dry until much later in the game? When they're really struggling, that's when they let you know it by dropping needles & drying up. When we are lacking rainfall, water newly planted evergreens well this summer and fall to keep them healthy, even if they look fine without it.


Ask us specific watering questions at the garden center; we're happy to help.

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