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Winter Garden Interest

Now is the perfect time to begin researching plants you'd like to add to your gardening beds in the coming months. And we have the perfect tool to help you with that! Our Plant Finder feature on our website allows you to search for plants perfect for your landscape. By utilizing this tool, you can search for specific plants from the comfort of your sofa, create a wish list, and bring it into the nursery (please note that we may not always have every item in stock on your wish list the day that you come to the nursery). Use the advanced search option to add specific plants you're looking for but may need help identifying (such as sun/shade, soil type, height/ width requirements, bloom color, pollinator attractor, deer-resistant, etc.). This helpful feature is another way we hope to help you create the gardening oasis you desire!


As you're planning for spring planting, you may look at your garden this winter and think it needs a little pizazz. Read below for plants you can add to your landscape to have winter interest. We always recommend planting a 4-season garden (where you have interest at each season of the year).

In planting zone 7, these are plants you can look for to add winter interest to your garden and encourage a 4-season garden.

  • Camellia (only hardy varieties; plant in a protected location from wind)

Many of these we offer at the nursery, and all of these are suitable for planting zone 7. Feel free to give us a call or stop by; we will help you select plants that will add winter interest that work perfectly for your specific sunlight needs and dimensions.

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