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Weeding Our Pumpkin Patch

We grow 5-6 acres of pumpkins each year at the nursery. Recently, our owner, Steve, plowed late into the evening to get the weeds uprooted before rain began to fall that week. As fast as pumpkins grow, this was probably the last time he was able to plow them before they get too big (they've grown by leaps and bounds just in the couple of weeks since we made this video!).

This is an offset International 140 tractor (the motor and transmission are on left side of the tractor so the driver can get a clear view down the middle of the row). They quit making this type of tractor in the early 80’s because of their tendency to turn over by being built offset. Because of its instability this is one job Steve always likes to do himself.

For those who don't know, we always try to keep our plants as organic as possible here at the nursery. This is the best way to rid weeds out of crops like pumpkins and not have to spray chemicals. We are proud to never use neonicotinoids at the nursery, either. Watch our video below to watch Steve plow the weeds in our (rather large) pumpkin patch.

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