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Watering Tips for Houseplants

We ❤️ houseplants & most of us here at the nursery have about a gazillion of them in our homes. ☺️

Watering Tips for Houseplants:

🌿If you're new to houseplants or have a tendency to overwater (or as we affectionately say "over-love") your houseplants, we always recommend having them in pots with drainage holes & a saucer underneath.

🌿 If you'd like to try a pot without a drainage hole (b/c let's face it, there are a lot of cute pots without them & also, that means most anything can be used as a pot!), be sure to always check the soil of your houseplant before watering (👉 You should ALWAYS do this with houseplants, whether your pot has drainage holes or not). If it is wet about an inch down into the soil, wait to water! If it's dry, water deeply, & then let it be. I (Rebekah) usually only water my houseplants approximately every 3 weeks (an exception is Peace Lily, which usually needs more water). You'll need to check your soil like we shared above, b/c your home might dry out plants faster than mine does. That's the sure way to know whether your plant needs watered.

🌿Ask us specific watering questions at the nursery & here's to happy houseplants!

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