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Trees that Offer Magnificent Fall Foliage

Here in zone 6b/7a, there are many trees that offer beautiful fall foliage. If you've thought about planting a tree that has amazing fall foliage, here are just a few that thrive in our area that you might want to think about. Many of these beauties will also thrive in other planting zones, but, as always- if you're not local to our area, we highly recommend contacting your local plant nursery on what will grow wonderfully in your area. They are the experts who will be able to direct you on beautiful trees for your location.

Maples: Of course! Everyone loves a tall, glorious tree that's showcasing oodles of color during autumn. Maples love full sun and of course, provide a lot of shade as they mature. Some to be on the lookout for include 'Autumn Blaze', 'Autumn Flame', 'October Glory', and 'Trident'.

Japanese Maples: Most offer great fall foliage, ranging from yellow to deep burgundy. Japanese Maples can tolerate full sun to shade locations depending on variety, however, most will appreciate some afternoon shade. The variety shown above is 'Viridis'.

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Ginkgo: Have you seen a ginkgo in person before (shown above)? They are such interesting trees! 'Autumn Gold' is a variety that sounds like its name- the tree's fan-like leaves turn a bright golden yellow in fall, making it completely vibrant and eye-catching in a garden space.

Crape Myrtles: They bloom until mid-late September in most cases, and many varieties have really pretty fall foliage! Crape Myrtles come in many sizes and colors. 

Dawn Redwoods: Another tree with magnificent fall foliage. This large tree grows to be 100' tall and up to 25' wide. Dawn Redwoods are deciduous trees that have beautiful fall foliage! Their intricate leaves add interest to a landscape also. The coniferous tree grows into a conical shape as it matures.

We are always happy to help answer your gardening questions! What questions do you have regarding fall planting? Reach out to us through Facebook or Instagram or by giving us a call at 615-468-2008. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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