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Tips to Plant Bulbs + Unique Varieties We're Offering

Spring may seem far off, but you can plan for a beautiful spring gardening bed by planting spring-blooming bulbs this fall. You want to plant when the soil temperature is approximately 50 degrees or below. Spring-blooming bulbs require the cool/ cold temperatures of fall and winter to develop underground to then bloom in spring.

(Photos, clockwise from top: Allium, Tulips, Snowdrops, Grape Hyacinth, and Daffodils)

There are many different types of bulbs that do very well in our area! We are proud to offer unique varieties and premium bulbs from the highly-respected Netherland Bulb Company. We have more bulbs this year than ever before, including:


Caeruleum (flower diameter 1-2')

Giant Allium (flower diameter 7-8")


Joan of Arc

Large Flowering Mixture


Yellow Mammoth


Double Mixture (double flowering)

Dutch Master

Holland Sensation

Misty Glen (large-cupped)

Mt. Hood

Original Poet's

Pink Mixture

Rock Garden Mixture

Tahiti (double flowering)

Trumpet Mixture


Blue Jacket


Grape Hyacinth (Muscari armeniacum)

Grape Hyacinth (Muscari Delft Blue Mixture)

Miss Saigon

Pink Pearl


Apricot Beauty

Beauty of Apeldoorn

Black Parrot

Delight Mixture (Darwin hybrid)

Double Dutch Mixture (double-late)

Fringed Mixture

Hakuum (Darwin hybrid)

Lily Flowering Mixture

Orange Emperor

Parrot Mixture

Pink Impression (Darwin hybrid)

Princess Irene (triumph)

Queen of Night

Red Impression (Darwin hybrid)

Retro Tulip Mixture (fosteriana)

Sunlover (double-late)

Tequila Sunrise Mixture (Darwin hybrid)

Trumpet Mixture

Yellow Flight


Giant Snowdrops (Leueojum aestinum)

Further tips:

  • Do you have squirrels or other critters that love to dig up your bulbs? When planting your bulbs, lay a large piece of chicken wire over that area before covering with dirt. The animals won't be able to dig thru it easily and your bulbs will bloom thru the holes of the chicken wire.

  • Most bulbs like to be planted in partial to full sun locations.

  • The planting depth of a bulb generally depends on the size of the bulb. A good rule of thumb is that the depth you plant should be 3x the diameter of the bulb. However, planting depths can vary by variety. For more specific planting depths, check the label on your bulb package or ask us at the garden center.

Learn more about planting bulbs here and pick up your bulbs while we have an amazing selection.

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