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Spring Annual Combinations that Look Beautiful Together

Looking for tips to create your container pots this spring? Let's chat!

First off, you can follow the basic formula of creating a beautiful container pot, and the best part is it's easy to remember! "Thrill, fill, and spill". You'll see in our example above, the "thriller" is always tall and the showpiece of the pot. "Fillers" accentuate the thriller; they compliment it. "Spillers" spill out of the pot to soften the look; they are the finishing touches to a gorgeous container pot.

When deciding on color schemes, it can be helpful to use the "thriller" as your inspiration. In our example above, we have a tropical hibiscus that blooms pale orange as the "thriller". For our "fillers", we chose coordinating colors of yellow, red, and orange. The "spiller" being lime green adds a big punch of brightness and a differing shade of green to the entire pot.

As far as color schemes, there is truly no right or wrong. You can mix a variety of colors to create the look you want. If you want a more cohesive look, use the "thriller" as your inspiration and go from there. If your "thriller" had a yellow bloom, you could use a complimentary color like purple as your "filler". Or orange and purple. Really, the possibilities are endless. Playing with texture is fun, too. Think about differing leaf sizes, or different shades of green, or how different textures visually look more interesting than all similar textures.

And if you'd rather us pot your container pots this spring, we're happy to!

Call us at 615-468-2008 for information on our custom potting. We're happy to work with a color scheme or budget you give us, and we can use your pots you bring in or you can pick new ones here at the nursery.

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