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Spice Up Your Porch Pots for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is on most people's minds, with Christmas coming quickly after that! Would you like to dress up your front porch pots before company is coming for Thanksgiving? We have several great tips today to help you create a beautiful, festive welcome to all who come knocking.

Photo above courtesy of Monrovia

Tip#1: Thrill, Fill, and Spill!

Pots tend to look their finest with a tall, center "thriller". We love for the thriller to be a wow factor. "Fillers" support the thriller; it ties everything together. A great "spiller" drapes out over the front of the pot. The spiller softens the whole look.

Ideas for Autumn Thrillers:

Evergreens like small Boxwoods, Dwarf Nandina, Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Ornamental Grasses

Pumpkins can be an awesome thriller for this time of the year (see pic above!)

'Arctic Fire' Dogwood- red stems that look amazing in Winter!

Possible Fillers:

Pansies, Violas

Dusty Miller

Medium to mini pumpkins, depending on size of your pot

Ornamental cabbage, kale, lettuces, Swiss chard

Coral Bells (see pic above of container pot filled with Ornamental Grass, Coral Bells (purple on far left & green on far right), Creeping Jenny, Ivy, & Violas)

Lenten Roses

Options for Spillers:

English Ivy

Winter creeper

Wave Pansies

'Blue Rug' Juniper

Boston Ivy


Tip #2: For smaller pots

When working with container pots 12" in diameter or less, it is going to be difficult to include all three categories for your pot. In that case, work with just two, or one. We love what Southern Living put together (shown below) with just Violas, Pansies, and some grasses. How cheerful would this arrangement be to welcome holiday guests at your front door!

Photo courtesy of Southern Living

Tip #3: Grouping

Grouping can make a big impact when working with smaller pots. As shown below, small pots with different yet correlating features (such as the 3 terra cotta pots above also holding yellow Pansies and Violas), look amazing when grouped together in varying heights.

If you'd rather we dig in the dirt and plant your pots, we offer beautiful custom potting at the garden center! Call us at 615-468-2008 to find out more info!


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