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Late Summer Favorites

At this time of the year, many plants in the garden look a little, shall we say... tired! While those plants have shone during spring and early summer, it's time to give them a rest and showcase other plants in late August! That's when these plants make their debut. An added bonus- several on this list bloom ALL summer well into early fall.

Hydrangeas add beautiful color as they fade in late summer/ early fall

Late Summer Favorites:

Anise Hyssop: beautiful in wildflower gardens, butterfly gardens, and herb gardens.

Bee Balm: deer resistant, pollinators love this perennial

Black Eyed Susan: easy to care for and provide spectacular color from early summer until late fall; excellent cut flower

Burning Bush: depending on the year, this shrub may have bright red foliage in late summer or it may not become vibrant in color until early fall

Chrysanthemum: the varieties we grow are perennial, so you can plant them to enjoy year after year

Coneflower: considered deer resistant, this perennial also blooms from early summer to mid/late fall

Crape Myrtle: bloom in mid to late summer, this tree (or shrub, depending on variety) also boasts pretty fall foliage

Hydrangea: as their color fades, their blooms age beautifully (as shown above)

Joe Pye Weed: purplish pink flowers that have a long bloom time; pollinators love them

Mexican Blanket Flower: lovely yellows and reds make this perennial perfect for late summer into fall blooms

Ornamental Grass: long plumes dance in the wind in the cooler months, ornamental grasses make a delightful addition for late summer and fall interest

Rose of Sharon: this shrub comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Each bloom has a tropical look and this shrub blooms well into September.

Sedum 'Autumn Joy': easy to care for, this particular upright Sedum delivers gorgeous pink blooms that fade to deep red in late summer/ fall

Shasta Daisy: a staple in a perennial bed, this perennial blooms profusely all summer and into fall

Sedum 'Autumn Joy' and Ornamental Grasses

By adding just a few of these plants to your garden, you're beginning to craft a four-season gardening bed. By planting a four-season garden, you create, just as it sounds, interest in each season of the year. Use our Plant Finder feature on our website to help search for plants that give you interest in seasons where you may feel like your garden is lacking color.

Adding color and vibrancy in your garden in winter can be challenging. For plants that do great in our area and have winter interest, check out this blog post!

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