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Landscaping Around a Pool

Pool landscaping; there are several things to think about before you choose plants for this type of landscape. Many plants are messy at certain times of the year and can drop lots of leaves in the pool. Other plants may have thorns or prickly stems that might not need to be near the pool's edge so guests don't accidentally bump into them. There are many annuals as well as perennial flowers that add color near a pool and, well, flower during the hot summer months. And then of course, being a poolside, it can be nice to add tropical plants into the mix! So, what plants work well around a pool & which should you avoid? Let's talk!

We advise that plants around the pool should be easy to care for AND beautiful at the same time. After all, you want to spend those lazy summer afternoons relaxing by the pool, not cleaning it out from leaves or maintaining plants, right?

In full sun, plants that work great near a pool include evergreens such as Juniper, Holly, Arborvitaes. Tropical looking plants like Banana trees and Palms work great as well and can often be planted in large pots near a pool's edge. Ornamental Grasses can also look amazing and add interest in this space.

Japanese Maples can be beautiful for an area that gets more shade. If there is a shadier spot near the pool, mass planting shade-tolerant evergreens such as Laurel and Lily of the Valley can create a nice privacy screen or hedge. Boxwoods can also tolerate some shade and are a beautiful evergreen shrub with many different options for size and shape.

If you'd like pollinator plants (plants pollinators especially enjoy) included in landscaping near your pool, some great options (that don't usually make a big mess when dropping blooms) to look for are:

Shrubs: 'Shoal Creek' Chastetree, Butterfly Bush, Hardy Hibiscus

Perennials: 'Huskers Red' Penstemon (hummingbirds love!), Bee Balm, Coneflowers

Annuals: Begonias, Mandevilla vine, tropical hibiscus, Lantana

These all bloom profusely in summer, are deciduous, and pollinators love them.

Plants to avoid near pools include any that can drop leaves/ flowers frequently into the pool, leaving you to fish them out constantly. Examples of trees not to plant near a pool include Crape Myrtle, River Birch, Mulberry, Hackberry, Sweet Gum, and Mimosa.


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