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How to Water New Plants in this Heat

Y'all, it has been a hot summer so far and the high temps look to be continued in our immediate future. Watering is critical to new plants, & at times, even established ones. Read below for tips on how often & approximately how much to water newly planted plants, & as always, feel free to ask us specific questions at the nursery.


Any newly planted trees or shrubs (planted within the last year) need to be watered deeply every 3-4 days, unless we are getting adequate rainfall. We recommend placing your hose at the base of the plant, letting a slow stream of water run at the base of the plant for approximately 20-30 minutes. Then move on to the next, etc. Alternatively, tree gators are very beneficial for newly planted trees (in stock now & SO easy to use!).

Unlike deciduous plants (that droop or lose leaves/ etc. to show they're thirsty), evergreens rarely show they're dry until they are already really struggling.

PERENNIALS, ANNUALS, VEGETABLES, + POTS: In this heat, possibly every day for annuals and pots especially. Pots you can stick your finger in the soil about an inch- if it's dry, water well. If vegetables are in pots, you will want to probably water every day. In the ground, vegetables may be fine to be watered approximately three times a week. New perennials you may be able to water just twice a week. Keep an eye on them & give them a drink if they look like they need it.

It's best to water early in the morning or later in the evening. Additionally, adding mulch in your gardening beds helps lock in moisture, especially on these hot summer days. In winter it also insulates plants, further protecting them from the cold weather. Ask us specific questions by giving us a call at 615-468-2008; we're happy to help!

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