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How to Use Plants to Design an Outdoor Room

Wanting to create an outdoor oasis? This can be done in even the smallest of yards. Plants add vibrancy, privacy (so important in an outdoor living space!), coziness, and interest! And the best part is, you don't have to build a covered porch or install an outdoor fireplace or anything major to create a lovely outdoor room. In today's post, we want to share valuable tips for those who are wanting and wishing for an outdoor living area of their own.

#1 Make a list or think about what you'd like to use an outdoor space for. A small place to relax? A dining area? A comfortable place to take a nap?

#2 Think about the floor of the outdoor space. Is it going to be gravel, pavers, stones, or a simple thick "carpet" of grass? If you have an existing back patio, you may already have pavers so you don't need to add any flooring.

#3 Plan "walls" using plants. Think of evergreens first as they will create a year-round privacy screen. Boxwood, Azalea, Cherry Laurels, 'Emerald Green' Arborvitaes; these are examples of evergreens that, depending on the sunlight your area receives, could make wonderful walls for your outdoor room. Existing tree trunks can serve as walls also. You can mix in deciduous shrubs and plants in with evergreens to create interest and blooms. Any type of vine use as Clematis, Wisteria, or Climbing Rose look beautiful on a trellis.

#4 To create a "ceiling" in your outdoor room, think about having your outdoor room under larger trees that create a canopy but don't make a big mess (so nothing with acorns or pinecones or hackberry). Such trees could include evergreen Magnolia, Maple, Eastern Redbud, or Gingko tree. A large umbrella could also work as a ceiling, or a wooden arbor.

#5 Create a "thresh hold" into your cozy outdoor space- Dogwood, Redbud, Serviceberry, deciduous Magnolia- any of these examples can be something where you peek around or duck under and then it opens up into a new "room".

#6 Make sure you choose the right furniture for the space. If you have cracks within your stone floor, make sure you're using furniture with larger, bulkier legs (such as Adirondack chairs) so a skinny leg of a chair won't be stuck in between stones in the floor, for example.

Creating an outdoor room is fun and rewarding, as you are sure to enjoy ample time relaxing in nature. These tips are sure to assist you in creating a cozy, comfortable, outdoor living space. Ask us further questions at the nursery; we're happy to help!

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