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How to Keep Your Pre-Cut Christmas Tree Fresh as Long as Possible

Our Christmas trees are well-known throughout the community to be among the freshest & most beautiful! Balsam & Fraser fir pre-cut Christmas trees are available now.

While Balsam and Fraser fir are both known to be some of the best trees to use as Christmas trees (and have the best needle retention among traditional "Christmas trees"), there are tips that can keep them looking their best and lasting well through the entire season.

Tips to Keep Your Tree as Fresh as Can Be this Christmas Season:

  • We will cut off the base just a bit before you take your tree home. That fresh cut helps it absorb more water & stay fresh!

  • Keep your Christmas tree watered well. It is easy to forget! Plan to check the water in your tree stand every day. Know that the freshest trees drink up a lot of water. If it's drinking it up, that's a very good thing!

  • Keep your tree away from any air vents blowing on it. This dries them out a lot faster.

  • You don't need to keep your house cool by any means, but keep in mind that hot environments will potentially dry out your tree quicker.

Call us at 615-468-2008 for the latest on availability in specific sizes as well as pricing information. As of today, we still have many beautiful trees to choose from, and your family is sure to have fun making a special holiday memory at the nursery!

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