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How to Care for Your Live Christmas Tree

In addition to pre-cut trees, we are happy to offer live Christmas trees again this holiday season! Live Christmas trees are meant to be brought inside during the season and then planted in your yard after Christmas! For many families, it is a tradition they carry on year after year.

2023 Pricing:

  • Eastern White Pines 5-6' $120 and 6-7' $135

  • Norway Spruce 4-5' $150

  • Canadian Hemlock 4-5' $150

Live Christmas Tree Tips:

  • Similar to pre-cut trees, keep your live tree away from any air vents.

  • Keep the root ball moist, but not too wet. Evergreens do not like "wet feet" (consistently soggy, wet roots).

  • To keep the root ball wet, place the root ball in a shallow bucket with a little water at the bottom. It will slowly soak up the water without completely drenching the roots (and leading to soggy roots, which we want to avoid).

  • When transporting your live Christmas tree into your home (and back outdoors after the holidays to plant!), use a dolly to be sure not to damage/ loosen the root ball.

  • If you keep your house really warm inside, try to acclimate your live tree before bringing it inside, as well as before bringing it back outside to plant. Using a garage for a day or two is ideal, so it isn't going from below-freezing temperatures to 73 degrees inside, or vice versa.

Start a new tradition with your family by having a live Christmas tree this year from your local nursery.

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