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How to Care for Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

Fiddle leaf fig trees; they've been showcased in home magazines and on HGTV for years! There's a reason for this- their strikingly large, fiddle-shaped foliage looks amazing in homes and add a design statement to sunny rooms. Did you catch what we said there? Sunny rooms; yes, fiddle leaf figs need bright light to be their happiest! There are several other specifications they need to thrive for you in your home.

🌞: in a room with very bright, indirect light. Near a sunny window but not where the sun's rays will shine directly on the leaves. Once you've found its happy spot, don't move it frequently to other locations.

💦: water only after the soil has had time to dry out. This will end up being approximately every 3 weeks when indoors. Water well, and then let it dry out again before watering. Fiddle leaf figs do not like wet roots, so watering too often will lead to it losing leaves or the roots rotting.

🌱: they do best with soil that is well-draining (to help protect against root rot). They typically do well in cactus/ succulent soil, or a tropical potting mix. You can fertilize them with a slow-release, granular fertilizer during the growing months. Always follow the directions on the back.

🌿: always choose a pot that has good drainage hole/s. Place a tray underneath your pot to collect any extra water. Every once and awhile, mist the leaves of your fiddle leaf fig with water and gently wipe with a soft cloth to remove dust and also to add humidity to your plant.

Placing them outdoors in warm months:

Fiddle leaf figs, like many other indoor plants, love humidity! They do very well and will grow well for you on a covered back deck or in a screened-in porch during the summer months. Only place them outdoors in a place where they are protected from wind and rainfall, as well as sun shining directly on them. If you place them outdoors, do so in May after our threat of frost has passed and bring them back in well before our first frosts in fall. They will want more water outdoors most likely, so feel the soil. If it's dry about an inch or two down, it's time to water well and then let the soil dry out again before watering.

Fiddle leaf fig trees are available now at the garden center. Call us or stop by for more information!

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