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How to Care for Air Plants

Air plants became popular several years ago, and there are reasons why this is so! These fun little houseplants don't need soil to flourish!

Although they don't need soil, they do need a certain amount of water and light. To water them, submerge the plants in a bowl of cool water about once a week. Let them soak in the water for approximately 20 minutes and then let them dry upside down on a towel. Also, mist them well once every couple weeks. Misting has several benefits including helps mimic the humidity they would find in nature.

Place your air plants indoors in a bright room where they receive indirect light. Protect air plants from temps lower than 45 degrees; they love warmth.

As far as styling them, you can do so much with air plants! Place them grouped together in a shallow bowl on a table, place them in an open terrarium (remember, they need circulating air), attach them to a decorative piece of wood- get creative with how you style yours!


Feel free to ask us any questions on their care at the garden center! We have a brand new selection of these fascinating plants available now.

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