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How to Amend Your Soil for Fall Planting

Beginning a new gardening bed? Planting in an existing one? Digging in the dirt to plant fall vegetables? Wanting to plant a shade tree? If so, and you live in Middle Tennessee, chances are you need to amend your soil before you begin planting. We're sharing about products today that the professional landscapers use and trust.

Holy Cow Organic Garden Soil: Ideal for building raised beds, vegetable gardens, or amending traditional gardens, Holy Cow organic garden mix is all you could want in a top-quality soil.

This garden mix is an organic blend of nutrient-rich, high-grade loamy topsoil, worm castings, high concentration of mushroom compost, leaf compost, pine fines/soil conditioner and a touch of sand for drainage. Holy Cow's garden soil mix then goes through a thermal composting process for heat stabilization, material maturation, and microbial inoculation.

Available by bag and by bulk yard.

Planting Mix: Planting mix works best when mixed with 50% of your regular soil to create a nutritious growth medium. You can use it when planting all plants, including trees. We offer two of the highest quality planting mixes out there: Daddy Pete's Planting Mix (an organic mix consisting of Daddy Pete’s Composted Cow Manure and aged pine bark fines) and Fox Farm Original Planting Mix (a blend of soil amendments such as aged forest products, sphagnum peat moss and earthworm castings).

Planting mixes help enhance existing soil to bring that soil back to life. It helps add organic nutrients to the soil where the plant will be planted, as well as improves air circulation and moisture retention.

Available by bag.

Soil Conditioner: Many (possibly most!) gardening beds in Middle Tennessee need soil conditioner. This is a product that can be made up of compost, peat moss, leaf mold, sawdust, straw, gypsum, or limestone. It is perfect for clay soils (which we have a lot of in this area) by improving compacted soils, as well as providing aeration and moisture retention. It is designed to be healthy for the roots of the plant or tree.

Soil conditioner is not mixed into the entirety of the gardening bed, but in the holes you have dug to plant plants. You want to keep some existing (or amended) soil in the hole you've dug, break up any clay pieces, and add soil conditioner to the bottom of that hole. It only helps where the roots will be.

Available by bag.


We offer each of these soils at the garden center and are always happy to answer specific questions regarding amending the soil in your garden.

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