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Evergreens to Consider When Adding Foundation Plants

Foundation plants are often evergreens that are installed along a home's foundation. They help frame a house, anchor it, and can help showcase certain features of a home's exterior. When you plant evergreens as your first "layer", closest to your home's foundation, then you can add deciduous, flowering shrubs, perennials, and/or annuals as a second or even third layer (depending on how deep your gardening beds are) in front of them for added color.

When thinking about foundation plants, first look at your home's exterior. What is the style of you house? What color is your brick or siding? Choose plants that work well with your space and sun requirements as well as complement the design of your exterior.

In the video below, we focus on evergreen foundation plants, or that first "layer" of landscaping that is closest to your home's foundation. We discuss various evergreen trees and shrubs that are excellent foundation plants. Our hope is that you see there are many different options for adding year-round color around your home's foundation, and several we discuss in this video are unique and not as widely known to many homeowners.

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