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Enjoy Fresh-cut Flowers by Planting Summer- blooming Bulbs

We currently have a huge selection of summer-blooming bulbs to choose from, including Coneflowers, Gladiolas (as shown above), Lilies, Pineapple Lilies, Peonies, Wake-Robins, Starflowers, & more. Many of these make excellent cut flowers to enjoy this summer indoors!

Tips to keeping cut flowers fresh for longer:

  • Cut during a cool part of the day (earlier in the morning or later in the evening is best).

  • Do not let the stems dry out. If you're cutting several & will be outside for a little bit, bring a clean vase of water with you to place your cut stems in right away.

  • Take away any lower foliage. You don't want any leaves to get wet in the vase once its filled with water.

  • While we're talking about vases, make sure it is clean- don't use anything that isn't clean enough to drink from.

  • Change the water often. Every day or two, give your flowers fresh water to drink from. Use lukewarm water instead of hot or ice cold.

  • Using a floral preservative can also lengthen their lifespan once they're cut. Also, if you really need your arrangements to last as long as possible (for an event or party, for example), keep them in the refrigerator at night & also away from direct sunlight during the day.

Now that the threat of frost has passed, it is a great time to plant summer-blooming bulbs. Ask us specific questions at the garden center on how deep to plant/ etc. for the particular one you're purchasing.

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