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Deer-Resistant Trees for Planting Zone 7

As evening falls, they can be seen grazing in a field. It can be a serene sight...until they use your gardening beds as their new favorite fast-food joint! While no plant is 100% deer-proof (because, as you know, deer will eat anything if they're hungry or curious enough), there are many trees that are considered deer-resistant. Deer will avoid these because of their smell, texture, or taste. Planting some of these trees (shared in the video below) in your garden will help signal to the deer that your yard is not full of their favorites.

Deer tend to love new foliage (which is why they go for fresh leaves in spring) as well as saplings and young trees. If you're planting a young tree this spring (even if it is considered deer-resistant), consider protecting it with temporary fencing to keep these curious animals from nibbling it! See deer-resistant trees in our video above.


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