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Add Mulch Before Summer's Heatwave

Mulch not only looks pretty and adds to the overall attractiveness of a gardening bed, but it also has very practical benefits. Did you know that a fresh layer of mulch will help keep your plants healthier this summer? Read below as we share how!


Mulch keeps plants cooler in summer

And not just perennials, as shown above. A fresh layer of mulch will help any and all plants stay cooler this summer. Alternatively, mulch also keeps plants warmer in winter.

Mulch helps lock in moisture

Yes, it does! That means your plants stay cooler and better hydrated during the hottest parts of the year. For newly plants shrubs and trees (those planted within the past year), you will need to water them deeply every 3-4 days the first year they are planted, when we are not receiving adequate rainfall. Mulch then helps you out by keeping that new plant cooler than it would have otherwise been without mulch.

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How deep of a layer do you make?

This is an excellent question. As far as how deep of a layer to add of mulch, we recommend 2-3 inches deep where there is no mulch currently. In areas where you are just replenishing existing mulch, adding 1 inch of fresh mulch is sufficient. We offer bagged and bulk mulch at the garden center, as well as pine straw, and are happy to help answer your questions regarding mulch.


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