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A Freeze to Remember

Recently, our owner, Mr. Steve Bennett, was interviewed with TN Farm Bureau on the unexpectedly harsh winter weather we received at Christmas. Temperatures quickly dropped 50 degrees in the matter of a few hours, and went below freezing. This lasted several days. Many plants were damaged because of how quickly the temperatures dropped. Listen to Steve's interview below for more.

It's important to know that we won't know the extent of damage (whether a plant will need to be replaced) until most likely mid-April or later. Some plants may need to be pruned back well and they will come back. Others may not come back. You can always scratch the bark of a plant in question. If it is green underneath, it's alive (or at least that particular stem you scratched is). If it is brown, it is dead and that particular stem/ branch, or plant will not recover. Make sure to scratch several parts of the plant to ensure all of it is alive or dead. Many plants will have green underneath their bark near the base of the plant. It will stand a good chance of recovering and putting out new growth later this spring. Ask us specific questions at the garden center about your plant/s in question; we're here to help!


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