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7 Spring Care Tips for Houseplants

In spring, plants are awakening and beginning to grow again. This is true for houseplants as well. Special care tips can be taken during this beautiful time of the year to help ensure your indoor plants stay happy and healthy all year long! Read below for some great tips on caring for your houseplants in spring.

1. If you are like many of us, your indoor plants enjoy the warmer weather outside under a protected area on your back deck or on your screen porch. Don't take them outside just yet. We usually recommend waiting until mid-May.

2. Water a bit more frequently. We say this with caution- because one of the most common ways to kill an indoor plant is by "showering" it with too much "love" 💦😉. Check the soil regularly- it will probably dry out faster than it did in winter. Most houseplants like to be watered well, and then left to have their soil completely dry out well before watering again. Ask us specific watering questions at the garden center!

3. Spring/ summer sun is hotter than winter sunlight, so you may need to pull your plants away from the windowsill and more in a bright but "indirect" sunlight area.

4. Houseplants don't like air vents blowing on them. Be sure when you kick on the AC that it isn't blowing cool air directly on them.

5. Prune any dead leaves or stems. This encourages new growth.

6. Repot if needed. This can mean just replacing the soil in its current pot, or moving your plant to a larger pot if it has outgrown its current home. Things to look for: roots bound together, roots coming out of the drainage hole of pot, plant isn't growing anymore, plant is drying out super fast, & plant is top heavy or is growing to where it's raising out of the container.

7. And finally! Fertilize. Depending on what kind of houseplants you have, can depend on what fertilizer to use. I (Rebekah) use a slow-release granular on mine in spring, but again, some will work well with another choice- ask us specific questions at the garden center or on social media.

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