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7 Indoor Plants that Enjoy Low Light

Finding a houseplant that loves low light can be difficult to come by at times. Many indoor plants love bright, indirect light and do not thrive in north-facing rooms or rooms without natural light. Today we are laying out several that love lower light locations. Each of these below enjoy low light locations, and therefore are popular choices for north-facing rooms, as well as work or office environments where there is limited light. Keep in mind every plant always needs some light, whether natural or artificial lighting.

1. Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen): Shown above, some varieties have solid green leaves, however, most Chinese Evergreens feature variegated foliage.

2. Calathea (Prayer Plant): Known for their striking foliage and leaves that fold up in the evenings, resembling hands folded in prayer.

3. Dieffenbachia (Dumb Cane): Only varieties that feature dark green leaves will do well in low light. Varieties with variegated or lighter leaves need bright, indirect sunlight indoors.

Photo courtesy of Grow Urban

4. Dracaena (Dragon Tree): Shown above, this indoor plant features bold, spiky foliage and usually several thick trunks, making this houseplant taller than some of the others mentioned today. This plant thrives in bright, indirect light, as well as medium and low light locations. It should never be placed in direct light.

5. Pothos: Pothos (shown above) is an excellent houseplant to start with if you're a beginner "plant parent"! It's adaptable to many light conditions, including low light, and makes an ideal plant for an office cubicle setting. It trails as it grows, and if it needs to be trimmed back at some point, feel free to snip one of its trails (make sure there are at least 5-6 leaves on that piece that you cut) and then place that stem in a glass of water. It will root about a month later and you can then plant that piece to give yourself (or a friend!) another plant!

6. Sansieveria (Snake plant or Mother-in-law Tongue): One of the most hardy and easy-to-grow houseplants, Snake plant is known for its stiff, geometric leaves that feature dark or variegated leaves. This houseplant grows very well in low light and really doesn't like to be overwatered. Water it well and then let it dry out for a couple of weeks before watering again- and even then, make sure you check that the soil is completely dry (by sticking your finger about an inch or two into the soil) before then watering it.

7. ZZ Plant (Aroid Palm): ZZ Plant thrives in both bright and low light locations. It has glossy, oval leaves that are upright in nature, making this houseplant exceptionally attractive indoors.

Each of these plants does not need to be over-watered and each one overall is considered to be a low maintenance houseplant. Be careful to not overwater- that is a common mistake to make with houseplants, and especially houseplants in low light. Also, please note and research these plants further if you have young children or pets that you think might accidentally ingest them. Some houseplants are toxic to humans and pets. As always, feel free to reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram or at the garden center with more questions!

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