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6 of Our Best Tips to Grow Irises

Our 6 best tips to grow Irises:

🌿Irises are best planted in spring or summer, long before winter cold sets in.

🌿Don't plant them too deep- their rhizomes should peek out above the soil and never be completely covered.

🌿Plant in full sun in well-draining soil. Some light afternoon shade is fine, also.

🌿Don't skimp- plant in a mass-planting/ grouping for the prettiest look!!

🌿After they bloom, cut their stems (not foliage) down to the ground.

🌿This perennial needs its foliage to stay until late fall, as Irises need the foliage to build up energy in their rhizomes. In late fall, you can trim the foliage about 6 inches.

These beauties are also deer-resistant and dought-tolerant! They love full sun to mostly sunny locations and well-draining, fertile soil. Added to the fact that the purple Iris is Tennessee's State Flower, you've got a lovely flower to plant that will bloom year after year.

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