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5 Quick Houseplant Tips for Beginners


Let's dive into these tips further!:

🌿1. Be careful about watering. It's probably the #1 mistake beginners make when having houseplants and we understand! You don't want your houseplant to get thirsty, so you accidentally overwater it. The truth is that most houseplants (there are a few exceptions, such as Peace Lilies) need to be watered deeply once every 3 weeks or so. Sticking your finger about an inch into the soil is a good way to test if your houseplant needs water. If it's moist, wait to water. If it's dry, water deeply and then let it dry out before watering again. Ask us specific questions about watering your houseplant.

🌿2. Know what kind of sunlight your plant needs. Many houseplants love bright, indirect light indoors. But many can take low light and make perfect plants for a cubicle at work, for example, where there is minimal natural light. Ask us what plant you have and we can let you know what kind of sunlight it needs.

🌿3. Fertilize your plant during spring and summer. You'll hear different recommendations- some people swear by fertilizing all year long, or even every time they water. At the nursery, we recommend to only fertilize in spring and summer. It doesn't risk stressing your plant out and you'll have a lot of good growth during those months- especially if you're also able to follow tip #5. We recommend a slow release granular or liquid fertilizer and can give specific recommendations to you.

🌿4. Wipe leaves periodically. This removes dust and lint which allows your plant to photosensitize better. It's kind of like washing your face, it cleans the plant's "pores". But in this case, it helps the plant breathe better which makes for a healthier plant overall. AND, it makes the plant look well kept and prettier!

🌿5. Move indoor plants outside in summer. Do this if you have an area that is covered (even an overhang from your roof or a small covered porch is fine) where your houseplants won't be rained on or get direct sunlight. You will experience so much growth of your plants if you do this in the summer months, especially those of us who live in the humid south. Plants naturally love humidity and soak it up. You may need to water a bit more frequently with them outside- use our tip of sticking your finger in the soil to determine how often. Moving your houseplants to a covered place outdoors for the summer is a great way to give them a big boost of vitality! Just remember to not take them out unless your last frost and bring them in before frost in fall.

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