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Late Summer Flowering Shrubs

Did you know there are shrubs that look their best in late July, August and September? When most flowering shrubs have finished blooming for the season, these beauties are just getting started!


Rose of Sharon, part of the Hibiscus family, isn't a rose at all. A tropical-looking flower that originates from Asia and India, these shrubs are also called Hardy Hibiscus in our region, to further differentiate them from their tropical cousin the Hibiscus.

Hardy Hibiscus come in many colors and sizes! Even their blooms vary in sizes. Some have blooms literally the size of dinner plates (yes, we said it- they're HUGE blooms!)! Flowers larger than your hand! 'Kopper King' and 'Robert Fleming' are two varieties to keep an eye out for if you're looking for blooms that large. You might wonder if the blooms need supported when they are that large. They are supported on sturdy stems and in most cases, do not need staking.

Photo courtesy of American Meadows

Kopper King (shown above), stays a compact size of 3-4' tall and wide.

Photo courtesy of Proven Winners

'Sugar Tip' Rose of Sharon, shown above, is a variety that features delicate light pink blossoms and beautiful variegated foliage. It reaches 8-12' tall and 4-6' wide.

Hardy Hibiscus need full sun and bloom from mid-late July through September. They are generally very easy to care for. They like well-draining, fertile soil. They do like moisture and do not like for their soil to be dry for very long. Especially during the first year they are planted, they will need to be watered every few days that we are not receiving adequate rainfall.


So are you ready to add one of these beauties to your landscape?! We have many varieties currently in stock at the Garden Center. Ask us any questions below and have a great one!

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