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Can I Plant in the Dog Days of Summer?

You most certainly can. We are sharing the top tips for planting in summer so that you have success and your plants stay happy and healthy.

1. Amend your soil if necessary.

If you have clay in your soil, the solution is simple: a bag (or two, depending on how many plants you're planting!) of soil conditioner will go a long way. Dig your hole(s), break up the clay in the bottom of the hole, mix in soil conditioner to the clay (really well!), and plant your new pretty! Soil conditioner will help condition the soil so that the clay does not hold onto water and therefore helps prevent root rot.

2. Water faithfully. We have been blessed with a lot of rain this year so far, but you will still need to baby your new plant.

Trees and shrubs need to be deeply watered every 3-4 days when we are not getting adequate rainfall. Ask us specific questions about watering your plant; we are happy to help.

3. Plant your new beauty in the area it will thrive in.

This seems redundant, but it is a common mishap when planting. Follow the sun requirements for that plant and you will have a much better chance of it being happy and healthy. Know that afternoon sun is the hottest sun of the day, so if your plant likes part sun, it will be happiest in morning sun with afternoon shade. Afternoon sun is equivalent to full sun.

4. Continue to baby it through the cooler months of the year.

Believe it or not, fall is almost always the driest season in our region. Continue to baby it, water it faithfully, and keep an eye on it all throughout the fall months and into next spring. Evergreens, especially, show little to no signs of distress until they are dying, so babying it like you would your little kiddo will go a long way to helping it become established in your soil!

5. Add a layer of mulch around the base of your new plants.

A fresh layer of mulch not only looks nice, but it keeps plant cooler in the summer and keeps them warm and cozy during the winter.


Ask us further questions about planting at the Garden Center or on social media. We are happy to help!

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