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How to Make Beautiful Container Pots

Today is all about making gorgeous container pots!! Carolyn puts ours together here at the Nursery & does a fab-ulous job.😍 But what if you want to try it yourself? You can definitely do this, & we are gonna explain how!

#1. Remember thriller, filler, & spiller. Your thriller is what adds height to the center of the pot- like a centerpiece. Choose one in proportion to the size of pot you're using. It should be the tallest plant in the pot, & many times you only need one, but sometimes depending on the size of the pot & color scheme/look you're wanting, you can have more than 1 in the center. #2. Fillers! These accent the thriller. They go around to add filling to the middle. Here, Carolyn used yellow snapdragons & blue Scaveloa to fill. The yellow & blue accent the gorgeous yellow hibiscus which is the thriller. It all ties in together. You get the idea!

#3. Spiller! In a pot this size, Carolyn added lime green sweet potato vine & variegated mint to spill out. Again, the variegated mint with yellowish tones on the leaves mimics the yellow throughout the pot, & the lime green sweet potato vine adds a totally fun color that complements so nicely for summer!

#4. See how different sizes of flowers, leaves, etc were used? This adds interest! But all the colors work together & repeat in many cases, which makes it all cohesive. You can totally do this!! We offer custom potting at reasonable prices if you'd rather us pot it up for you! Ask questions below & have a great one.


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