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Spring Gardens

Is there a more delightful time of the year in a garden? As fresh green grass shoots up, perennials come back to life and many shrubs begin to flower- it is no wonder so many of us love spring!

(Encore Azalea & Coral Bells)

Today we are just sharing a few pics from my home garden. My husband and I planted this garden starting around 6 years ago, and this is the prettiest spring we've ever seen it have.

I love to have many plants that have interest at different times of the year, to create year- round interest in the garden.

I have definitely learned over the years that gardening is a labor of love and requires patience! I am so excited to see our garden mature and grow in the many years to come.


(Dwarf Lily-of-the-Valley Shrub)

(Clematis vine)

(Japanese Maple, Standard Blue Spruce, Encore Azalea)


(Japanese Maple)


We hope you've enjoyed these little snippets today, and as always, we would love to see your garden pics this spring! Feel free to hop on over to our Facebook or Instagram accounts and share them with us. :) Have a blessed day.

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