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Tips for Caring for Succulents

Succulents come in so many different varieties, sizes, and colors. Some are spiky, some are soft, some have rounded leaves while others have pointed. Some flower while some do not. They are beautiful & unique, adding beauty & interest to your home.

In our region, succulents love the indoors & are relatively easy to care for, which help make them a favorite for many indoor plant lovers, myself included! We have had several succulent classes early this spring at the Garden Center, focusing on teaching our customers on their care as well as demonstrating how to make beautiful succulent arrangements. Our customers who took these classes made absolutely gorgeous arrangements to take home with them (a couple are shown above!)!


Read below to learn more about Succulents' care & please ask more questions below!

Spring and Summer Care: Succulents add such beauty inside our homes, & during the warmer months, they can add great beauty outdoors as well! Take your indoor succulent pots outside on a covered patio or back deck where they can receive indirect sunlight (please note 'indirect sunlight'- they will get mighty toasty in full, all day hot sunshine!). They will enjoy the warm temperatures & in some cases of indoor plants (such as the Christmas cactus), it encourages them to bloom later in the year.

**You do not have to take them outdoors during the summer, however! They are perfectly happy (succulents are non-fussy like that!) being indoors in a sunny room that receives bright, indirect sunlight.

In the warmer months, it is also the growing months for these little cuties. Succulents love a well-balanced fertilizer (such as a 8-8-8 or 10-10-10; this refers to the ratio amounts of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, & Potassium & will be stated on the fertilizer container) & you only need to fertilize them once during the growing season- in spring.

Watering during these warmer months is perhaps slightly more than in the winter months, however, & we should say, HOWEVER, it is so SO easy to over-water succulents. Think of them as part of the cactus family- they like to dry out between waterings. Their roots do not like to be soggy or wet, or they will die. They actually store up water in their plump little leaves, so really, be easy on the water & make sure the soil is pretty dry before watering again. Feel free to ask us specific questions about watering your succulent below or at the Garden Center.

Fall and Winter Care: If you have had succulents outside during the warmer months, it is time to bring them back inside before any signs of frost. Our usual first fall frost (say that 5 times fast!) is around October 15th. Bringing them inside again around mid-end of September allows them to begin to acclimate again to the indoors as they wind down and enter the dormant period where they do not grow. Place them again in a sunny room that receives bright, indirect sunlight.

In cooler months, you will not need to do too much to take care of your indoor succulents. They do not require much water during their dormancy, so just a bit every 2 weeks or so is just fine. It is common to over-water, as we mentioned above, so it is better to ere on the side of less water than too much. Do not fertilize during these cooler months, either. Your succulents just want to rest and rejuvenate before next spring again!


See? Succulents are easy-peasy. Such fun & so little maintenance= a win-win! We have so many pretty succulents to choose from currently at the Garden Center! Come on over! We promise though, it may be difficult to make up your mind on which to bring home because there really are so many to choose from! Ask any questions you may have for us below & have a great rest of your day.

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