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How to Care for Aloe Indoors

Aloe plants, oh how we love you! Probably the most popular succulent in the entire world, these awesome plants grow well indoors! They can grow much larger in their natural habitat, but indoors, most varieties will max out around 18" tall and wide. They are also slow growers indoors.

Preferred Soil:

Aloe plants love cactus/ succulent soil. You can find this at most nurseries or garden departments at big box stores. They also love good drainage. A pot with good drainage holes is a key to success with your aloe plant!


Aloe plants benefit from fertilizing with an aloe plant fertilizer or by re-potting. Re-potting with fresh soil will give your plant the new nutrients it needs to grow.


Although aloe plants have beautiful long-stemmed flowers, they do not always flower indoors. Ample sunlight is the best way to get them to flower indoors as well as allowing them some outdoor time in summer. Just remember that aloe plants will not survive in freezing temps and they need an outdoor environment that reflects what they naturally love- highly sun-filled desert-like conditions.

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