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Planting Trees

Happy New Year from all of us here at the Nursery. We hope you are having a wonderful start to a fresh, new year. New years always make me excited, don't they you? Endless possibilities, a fresh start, lots of new memories to be made, and tons of potential for growth and change. Today's blog post is along those same lines, speaking of new growth- we planted LOTS of young trees recently in our tree fields! A variety of trees including Oaks, Maples, Dogwoods, Ornamental Cherries, and more were carefully planted. It is so exciting to see fresh life springing forth; these trees will be ready to be harvested in 3-5 years, depending on at what size we dig them.

The video below shows one piece of land where we have recently planted trees, but we have been planting in several places all over the property the last couple of months. Because the ground is not frozen yet and we had so much wonderful rain this fall (although it has seemed a bit drab outside at times- great for the plants though!), it is an awesome time to plant trees (many B&B trees are currently 75% off!) and shrubs. If you as a homeowner are eyeing planting this Spring but want to get a head start, feel free to do so while we are having this mild weather- who knows what next week will bring (as we Tennesseans know the weather can turn on a dime around here!).

Watch as the tractor tills the soil and as it moves along, we place a tree every few feet. After we finish each row, we then finish planting them. Feel free to ask us any questions below, and again, Happy New Year!

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