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Mums are Blooming!

It's that time of the year where our greenhouses are chock-full of beautiful Mums! Some varieties are just beginning to bloom at the Garden Center. Let's learn more about the beloved Chrysanthemum- a Fall flowering favorite (say that 5 times fast)!

Facts about Mums:

  • They love full sun locations.

  • The Mums we offer are perennial in our area. Plant them in the ground and they will come back again next yr.

  • You prune Mums around July 4th to have them bloom in Fall. Simply pinch back their buds by a few inches and they will bloom when it is turning Autumn.

  • Mums come in a large variety of colors. including various shades of yellow, red, purple, pink, orange, white, etc.

  • They bloom once in Fall. Their flush of blooms typically lasts for a couple weeks.

  • Mums need a good amount of water so they do not dry out. You will know if your Mum is looking dry- it shows classic symptoms of dry leaves or buds/blooms shriveling up. Plan to water every day or most days. When you water, try to gently place the hose head close to the base of the plant so you do not get the flowers and leaves too wet. Mums have delicate stems that can break easily, even with nozzles from hoses.

  • If you plant your Chrysanthemums in the ground, give them fertile, well-draining soil.


What are some of your favorite Mum colors to decorate with in Fall? Come by soon for a large variety of Mums grown right here at your local Nursery. Have a great one!

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