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Tree-form Crape Myrtles

We are so excited to have new varieties of Crape Myrtles now available at the Garden Center. These are small tree-form Crapes that have a single trunk verses the multi trunk we most commonly see in our area. We have three new varieties available & I will tell ya about each one below!

These three new varieties stay within 3-6' tall & wide, which makes them excellent focal points in smaller areas of your garden.

1. 'World's Fair' Crape Myrtle

This gorgeous watermelon red bloomer (below) boasts its vibrant hue in giant clusters of flowers. This is a miniature version of the classic red Crape Myrtle that was popularized in the South!

Matures to be 5' H x 5' W.

(shown above: 'World's Fair' Crape Myrtle)

2. 'Cordon Blue' Crape Myrtle

Large clusters of crinkled lavender- blue flowers take over this miniature tree in mid-Summer. Would be stunning paired with Drift Roses below.This variety blooms from mid-Summer into Fall.

Matures to be 3' H x 3' W. When we are talking about the size here, we are referring to the height and width of the top (the canopy), not the trunk and canopy. The trunks on these varieties will not get much taller than they already are- just thicker over time as they become more established in your garden.

(shown above: 'Cordon Blue' Crape Myrtle)

3. 'Rhapsody in Pink' Crape Myrtle

'Rhapsody in Pink' makes a fine specimen to add to your garden. The showy light pink blooms begin to bloom profusely from June until September! The largest of the three we've mentioned today, it will grow to be 6' tall by 6' wide at maturity.

(shown above: 'Rhapsody in Pink' Crape Myrtle)

Well, now it's over to you. What do you think of them? Do you have a favorite?

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