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Vegetable & Herb List 2018

We also currently have fruits such as strawberry plants as well as berry bushes.

Hi Y'all!

It is a joy to share with you guys & gals the list of veggies & herbs we currently have available at the Garden Center. I am so excited as I type this- gardening is so much fun & is so rewarding, &, well, it is just exciting that planting time is here!

If you've never planted vegetables & herbs before but you'd like to, we would love to help answer questions & give suggestions to help you along. Growing your own food takes some time & energy but is a wonderful hobby to get into, not to mention food just tastes so much better straight from your garden & is healthier of course too. My husband & I began vegetable gardening about 5 years ago as complete newbies, & I truly think we will never go back to not having a garden. Now it is a fun process that our three children are involved in too, which we (& they) love.

So, on to our list! I have explained each variety so you can know the difference between some of them- it can be hard to tell a lot about one by just looking at a name!


Vegetables Currently Available:


  • 'Cherokee Purple': Heirloom (& this variety is one of my absolute favorites). Tangy & juicy mid-season beefsteak. Purple-green 16 oz. fruit. Good yield. Days to maturity: 80 days. Indeterminate.

  • 'Cherokee Green': Heirloom. Slightly sweet, juicy & meaty mid-season ripener. Amber green to yellow 2-16 oz. fruit. Very flavorful for slicing & sauces! Good yield. Days to maturity: 69-80 days. Indeterminate.

  • 'Celebrity': Medium, 7-8 oz. globe-shaped. Flavorful & firm. Great slicer- also great for canning & sauces. Disease & insect resistant. Days to maturity: 90-100. Determinate.

  • 'Mountain Fresh': 12 oz. firm & smooth. Sweet, mild flavor. A favorite for slicing! Tolerates cool & moist conditions. Days to maturity: 69-80. Determinate.

  • 'New Girl': Early- ripening & full flavored. 6 oz. globe shaped. Delicious on sandwiches or salads. Good yield. Days to maturity: 69-80 days. Indeterminate.

  • 'Prudens Purple': Heirloom. Smoky-sweet mid-season ripener. Low-acid purplish pink 16 oz. fruit. Excellent for cooking & slicing. Days to maturity:69-80 days. Indeterminate.

  • 'Striped German': Heirloom. Complex & slightly fruity mid-season ripener. Yellow-red striped 1-2 lb. fruit. Excellent for sauces & salsas. Good yield. Days to maturity: 80 days. Indetermina

  • 'Valencia': Heriloom. Sweet, pineapple-like flavor. Mid-season ripener. Rounded 8-10 oz. fruit. Excellent for cooking, salsas & slicing. Good yield. Days to maturity: 76 days. Indeterminate.

  • 'Valley Girl': Robust, sweet & flavorful. Early season ripener, yet produces longer than many other early season varieties. Medium-sized, 6-7 oz. globe-shaped red fruit. High yield. Determinate

  • 'BHN 871': Firm, meaty & mild mid-season ripener. Golden-orange 10-12 oz. fruit. Excellent for snacking & salads. High yield. Days to maturity: 69-80 days. Excellent container choice.

  • 'Big Beef': The perfect hamburger slicer. Large, beefsteak variety that is an early producer & highly disease resistant. 12-16 oz. fruit. Days to maturity: 68-75 days. Indeterminate.

  • 'Bradley': Heirloom. An old variety that is tried & true- produces 6 oz. mild fruit until Fall's frost. Popular for canning & freezing. Benefits from strong staking when it becomes larger. Days to maturity: 75-85 days. Indeterminate.

  • 'Brandywine': Heirloom. This variety dates back to 1885 & is said to have won the most flavor tests. Large, beefsteak fruit provides excellent sweet taste. Days to maturity: 85 days. Indeterminate.

  • 'Tiren' Roma Tomato: Meaty, sweet-tart early season ripener. 5-6 oz. fruits with classic San Marzano shape. Excellent for pastes, sauces, & snacking. High yield. Days to maturity: 70-75 days. Indeterminate.

  • 'Yellow Pear': Heirloom. Very large quantities of small pear-shaped fruit. Slightly larger than cherry tomatoes, but smaller than average tomato. Makes a great snack or perfect treat as hors d'oeuvres. Deliciously tangy.

  • 'Supersweet 100' Cherry Tomato: Early-ripening & very flavorful (my kids just pick these off the vine & snack away!). Cherry-sized grape-like clusters. Delicious for snacking & salads. Very high yield. Days to maturity: 55-68 days. Indeterminate.


  • 'El Jefe': Jalapeno

  • 'Red Knight': red bell pepper

  • 'Hellos': hot pepper

  • 'Red Rocket': cayenne

  • 'Ace': green to red bell pepper

  • 'Flavorburst': yellow/orange bell pepper

  • 'Tiburon': Poblano pepper (delicious!)

Other Vegetables:

  • Squash 'Slick Pik'

  • Zucchini 'Dunja'

  • Cucumber 'Marketmore'

  • Okra 'Jambalaya'

  • Cantalope 'Sarah's Choice'

  • Watermelon 'Crimson Sweet'

Herbs Currently Available:

  • Lavender 'Provence'

  • Basil 'Genovese'

  • Basil 'Pesto Perpetuo'

  • Rosemary 'Tuscan Blue'

  • Rosemary 'Barbeque': this is a small tree-form Rosemary! Perfect for in a sunny location in your kitchen! $25 each & there are just a few available.

  • Oregano 'Greek'

  • Parsley 'Giant of Italy'

  • Parsley 'Wega'

  • Dill 'Bouquet'

  • Mint 'Peppermint Chocolate'

  • Mint 'Peppermint' (excellent in tea!)

  • Mint 'Variegated Peppermint'

  • Sage 'Dwarf'

  • Stevia

  • Chives

  • Cilantro 'Santo'

  • Chamomile


Our 4" vegetable & herb pots are $2 each with no tax. These (for the most part) are not small plants- I was excited to see how many are so large already! All of our veggies, herbs, & berry plants are grown right here, are non-GMO, & are as organically grown as possible.

Planting season is upon us! Come on over & have fun shopping soon at your locally owned, locally grown Riverbend Nurseries before your favorite varieties are sold out! We look forward to seeing you; please feel free to ask us any questions below.

M-F 8am-6pm

Saturdays 8am-4pm

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