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Your Winter Gardening Task

Planning! Ah, Winter is a wonderful time to plan your Spring garden.

Coming by the Nursery when the branches are bare is well worth your time! We are less busy in Winter and can answer questions for you about Spring planting. You can also take a stroll through the plants, make notes, take photos, and think through what will really set off your landscape well. It pays off to come to the Nursery in Winter.

A garden landscape looks most complete when you have plants that bloom/ have interest at different times of the year. Coming by now gives you a sense of what evergreens you l-o-v-e AND what plants are blooming (yep, there are some!!).

Lenten Roses (above) are just one of several plants that offer blooms & Winter pretty during this cold month before Spring!

Witch Hazel is an awesome woodland shrub that also blooms at this time of the year!

Spring boasts so many gorgeous plants (just to name a few-clockwise from top left: Malus 'Prairifire', Azalea ' Delaware Valley White', Baptisia australis, Viburnum 'Sterile', Syringa 'Declaration', Cornus florida 'Appalachian Spring'). Having a plethora of your Spring and Summer favorites, along with adding a few Fall and Winter interest plants creates interest and color during the cool months and really keeps your landscape looking great year-round! It also makes your landscape look well thought out (give yourself a pat on the back, you've done a beautiful job!).

Spring is 5 weeks away and we are so excited to see you! Share with us below- what is one of your favorite plants to use to add beautiful color and interest (at any time of the year)?

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