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Tips for Welcoming Container Pots this Thanksgiving

Today we are sharing tips with you to making really pretty container pots to greet family and friends this Thanksgiving! And if you love decorating for Christmas before turkey day, keep reading because we have many tips for your container pots, too!

We have to start with Tip#1: Thrill, Fill, and Spill!

Pots tend to look their finest with a tall, center "thriller". I love for the thriller to be a wow factor. "Fillers" support the thriller; it ties everything together. A great "spiller" drapes out over the front of the pot. The spiller softens the whole look.

Ideas for Autumn Thrillers:

Evergreens like small Boxwoods, Dwarf Nandina, Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Ornamental Grasses

Pumpkins can be an awesome thriller for this time of the year (see pic above!)

'Arctic Fire' Dogwood- red stems that look amazing in Winter!

Possible Fillers:

Pansies, Violas

Dusty Miller (the frosty greenish blue annual in pic above!)

Medium to mini pumpkins, depending on size of your pot

Ornamental cabbage, kale, lettuces, Swiss chard

Coral Bells (see pic below of container pot filled with Ornamental Grass, Coral Bells (purple on far left & green on far right), Creeping Jenny, Ivy, & Violas)

Lenten Roses

Options for Spillers:

English Ivy

Winter creeper

Wave Pansies

'Blue Rug' Juniper

Boston Ivy


Tip #2: For smaller pots

When working with container pots 12" in diameter or less, it is going to be difficult to include all three categories for your pot. In that case, work with just two, or one. We love what Southern Living put together below with just Violas, Pansies, and some grasses. How cheerful would this arrangement be to welcome holiday guests at your front door!

Tip #3: Grouping

Grouping can make a big impact when working with smaller pots. If you are going to group, it is more pleasing to the eye to have odd numbers (such as three!), however, there are always exceptions to the rule, as you can see below. We loved this photo of 6 pots grouped together and it looks divine for Fall! Small pots with different yet correlating features (such as the 3 terra cotta pots above also holding yellow Pansies and Violas), look amazing when grouped together in varying heights.

For more ideas!

We have to tell you about our friend & exceptional gardener, Barbara Wise, who has a book all about Container Gardening for All Seasons. I've had the privilege of hearing Barbara speak on several occasions & she is always a treat to learn from because she is full of creative ideas that anyone can implement. This invaluable book is available at the Nursery as well as on Amazon.

Also! When we looked on Pinterest for more Thanksgiving container pot ideas, there were TONS of gorgeous ones- BUT- many of them called for plants that will not still be looking awesome in our zone during this month (such as Summer annuals like Coleus or the perennial Black Eyed Susan). So keep that in mind if you search around online, that you may have to substitute a plant here and there! We are happy to help in suggesting substitutions if needed!

For those of us who love to decorate for Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving tips!

Add Christmas flair to your Thanksgiving pots using these tips:

*Think twinkle! Use an evergreen as mentioned above and add twinkle lights around it to sparkle & enchant your guests!

*Instead of pumpkins, add faux holiday berries, pinecones, dried hydrangea blooms, varying sizes of round holiday ornaments, faux fruit & more as "fillers" in your container pots!

*The day of, add sprigs of fresh greenery to your pots- in the cool weather, they should last for several days (see pic below for inspiration!).

Don't have time to put together a container pot?

We understand, and we've made it so easy for you! Gorgeous premade color pots are available at our Nursery, ranging from $15-$23.95. Swing by and pick one up on your way home.

Happy planting and Happy Thanksgiving!

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