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Flowers that Last in Cool/Cold Weather

Hey y'all! Who is interested in perky, colorful flowers that bloom continually during these cooler months in Middle Tn? We know we are!

Enter Pansies and Violas! These flowers are annuals in our zone that love full to mostly sunny locations and thrive in cool weather.

These beauties look awesome in gardening beds AND container pots alike. This one below, the Wave Pansy, looks especially nice as the "spiller" in container pots, as it naturally drapes out of whatever container its in (or think of it spilling out of a hanging basket!).

Choose from a huge variety of colors and brighten up your beds and pots this Fall (do your front porch pots need a little sprucing before the upcoming holiday season?).

Pansies and Violas are only $1 each 4" pot this Fall, and remember, you pay no sales tax on plants and trees here at Riverbend because we grow most plants ourselves.

We've also made it so easy for you- premade color pots are gorgeous, put together right here at the Nursery, and range in price from $15-$23.95! These pretties love the cooler weather as well!

Right now is an excellent time to plant, and we hope to see you soon at your local Nursery! ☺🍁

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