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B&B Tree Sale!

September marks the start of Fall planting season for us in Middle TN!

Did you know Fall is an ideal time to plant trees and shrubs (and everything else practically!)? The reason being that trees and shrubs planted in the Fall have all Winter and Spring to become acclimated to their soil and environment before hot Summer heat comes.

And it just so happens that currently, all B&B trees are 25% off!

So, that bears the question, what is a B&B tree? A B&B is what we refer to when we are talking about the larger, balled and burlapped root ball trees. They are usually not sold in a container pot and are more mature, generally speaking, than container trees.

So, how do you plant one of these and what kind of ammending does your soil need?

  • Well, you ask one or two of your strongest guy friends, first of all, if they'd be able to help you lift and plant it (offer to buy their dinner in return, or they may just see these trees and want one for themselves.... which means you know what you'll be helping with later!).

  • Ask us specific questions on how big a hole you'll need to dig while you're at the Nursery. Also, depending on the tree, there may be strings attached to the root ball or wires.... the burlap disintegrates on its own but ask us about the specifics of what you'll need to do otherwise.

  • If you have clay in your soil (which most of us in this area do), purchase an inexpensive bag of soil conditioner from us while you're checking out with your amazing tree. It is so easy to use and you really need it if you have clay. Dig your hole, break up the clay in the bottom of the hole into small pieces, then add soil conditioner into your hole, mixing it in with the clay. Blend together the soil conditioner and clay (like you're mixing together a cake!). This creates drainage- a necessary ingredient for a healthy plant/tree!

  • Water. Water your newly planted tree every few days when we are not getting adequate rainfall this Fall. You will also want to water like this next Spring and into next Summer. By then your tree will be established and relatively able to survive on its own without you watering it regularly. Trees often show no sign of underwatering until much later on, especially evergreens, so keep an eye on watering.

Planting these trees is very doable with just a little know-how and help! My family planted a B&B Redbud in our yard a few years back that we enjoy and love.

Pumpkins, Mums, and more are also now available at your local Nursery! Your local Nursery is definitely transforming into a Fall paradise!

Come by for a visit soon! M-F 8am-6pm and Saturdays 8am-4pm. What questions do you have for us? We love hearing from you!

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