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Our Perennial Tables are Full!

There is currently a whole lotta pretty happening at our full sun perennial tables! Stop by soon to add these and other beauties into your gardening bed.

Perennials will come back year after year. As long as you keep them well watered the remainder of this Summer and this Fall (every 3-4 days when we aren't receiving adequate rainfall), you should have no trouble planting them.

All perennials shown today love full sun.

Above: Veronica 'Sunny Border Blue' features beautiful bluish purple spikes into early Fall! Butterflies love them!

Blanket flowers (above) add so much cheer with their colorful personality!

I love Variegated Iris at any time in Spring, Summer, or Fall for its striking color combo.

Coneflowers are an absolute must for a Southern garden! They are amazing and come in so many different colors. Pollinators love them, too!

Sedum is always great for its added texture and color. This particular variety looks wonderful draping out of a container pot or over a retaining wall.

Yarrow is such a pretty bloom and its leaves are just as interesting. They are feathery and add such great interest to a gardening bed.

There are many more pretties that were not featured in today's post; stop by soon! Our Mums have also just begun arriving and pumpkins are starting to show up from our pumpkin patch. Lots is happening at your local Nursery, and Fall hasn't even begun yet!!😊


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