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Mums & Pumpkins

Mums and pumpkins have been carefully grown and are starting to be ready for sale at the Garden Center!

In case you haven't seen our enormous pumpkin patch yet on social media, this pic above shows her in all her glory.😊 Can you spot a pumpkin?

Pumpkins are starting to arrive at our Garden Center from our field, and will continue to arrive regularly as they are ready.

Now onto Mums! Who else loves Chrysanthemums? A Fall flowering favorite among many of us!

We will have so many varieties this Fall; not even a fourth of what we will offer is being shown in these pics! Here is a preview of Mums we have currently growing:

Our tables in the greenhouses are beginning to fill up again! Begin to think Fall, y'all! Now is an awesome time to come by your locally owned, locally grown Riverbend Nurseries. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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