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Kids Club is Where it's at

Hey yall! I love fresh food, don't you? Especially when it comes straight from the garden to my dinner table! We live in a country that is amazing, but one of the things that is lacking is we as a nation have lost touch with where our food comes from. With less farming taking place around us as a whole and many of us not having time to grow home gardens, our kids often don't have a good understanding of what it took to grow that apple or how many people it took to get those pears to the local grocer.

And that's where we come in! We at Riverbend want to come along side of you and help teach your kids the basic principles of gardening, why it is important, and where our food comes from. That is why on the third Saturday of each month, we host our Kids Club where kids of all ages come and participate in the joys of gardening! They gain a greater appreciation of Nature through kid-friendly, well-prepared crafts and our U Pick Kids Garden that they plant themselves.

What is the U Pick Kids Garden? It is our kids garden that the children plant, take care of in Spring and Summer, and reap the rewards from all year when they pick food they've actually grown themselves! The looks of pure joy when your child comes home with veggies he/she grew himself is something they (and you!) remember for a long time to come! There is a sense of pride and accomplishment that accompanies this garden for each child. :)

Our Events this year for Kids Club are exciting, fresh, and most importantly- fun!!

This month's Kids Club, the kids will begin their Garden Seed Starters. They will take some home with them to plant and we will also keep some at the Garden Center to grow and then plant at our April Kids Club in their U Pick Kids Garden! This month is a GREAT month to come on in and be apart if you have not before! So mark your calendars and Come Grow With Us!

(Above photo: Our Kids Club mascot "Harry" is all ready to plant his seed starters!)

Kids Club starts promptly at 10am at our Garden Center, is $5 per child, and we make it extra-fun for adults too- accompanying adult receives 10% off their same-day plant purchase!

Our last month's Kids Club was all about making Mardi Gras Flower Masks! You can watch highlights from it in our video below:

We hope to see you at our next Kids Club on Saturday, March 18th at your locally owned, locally grown Riverbend Nurseries! :D


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