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Pansies and Violas are Here!

Hey Ya’ll! Our greenhouses are full of beautiful Pansies and Violas! Out front of our greenhouse, Mums are showing off their brilliant colors so handsomely! These are all wonderful Fall flowers that love sunny spaces! Mums provide excellent color now up until they’ve finished their bloom cycle. They look amazing in container pots!

The Mums we grow are perennial, so they can be planted in the ground and will come back up next year.. pretty cool, huh!

Pansies and Violas are considered the cool weather annuals in our zone.

What’s the main difference in the two?

Pansies have a larger flower than Violas, and Violas do not need dead-heading (picking off the spent flower) but Pansies can use the extra assistance to have more blooms.

Colorful Pansies shown above!

And here is a Viola in all her prettiness!

I love how both of these flowers look so delicately painted, don’t you?

And we have some fresh Ornamental Cabbage at our Garden Center currently, as well as Fall Veggies!

And whether you eat them or not, Fall Veggies look amazing in a container pot along with some Pansies and Violas!

We would love for you to stop by soon! Our selection is great and all has been grown right here at your local nursery!

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