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Miniature & Fairy Garden Seasonal Workshop

Last month’s Miniature and Fairy Garden Workshop was such a success!! Thank you for all who came and participated! We have had so many inquiries about it that we are offering another workshop SOON- on Saturday, September 24th at 9am at our Garden Center! Love fairy gardens? You need to come then- seriously, don’t miss out! Even if you attended last month’s sold out class- this one is different and you will learn new ways to enhance your miniature garden for the upcoming seasons (spoiler alert- it doesn’t have to cost you much to transform your garden into an adorable seasonal paradise!) More about this super fun workshop below and why YOU need to be apart!

So, like I mentioned above, this is a new workshop with new topics! The main theme will be Ashley teaching us how to add holiday flair to our fairy and miniature gardens. She breathes creativity and will share many valuable tips. Here are just a couple of the recent miniature gardens she has put together for the upcoming seasons:

We also have a new kit that she has hand-crafted (for a visual, see the picture below):

So this new kit has a REMOVABLE chalkboard backing to it. How cool that you can decorate the back any way you want for any season. Not particularly great at chalk drawing? Use stencils or enlist your creative children to make it their artwork area for your fairy garden! How cute would that be? Also, you can remove the chalkboard backing part, like I said, so if you don’t want a back all the time or your child made a chalkboard drawing Picasso himself would envy, you can take the back off and put junior’s Picasso on a stand to show off around the house.

Next, the new kit has a cool customizable chalkboard tag on the front too. By purchasing a kit, you will be putting it together at the workshop with Ashley’s helpful advice along the way, and we offer those who purchase the kit to choose from many different accessories to add to personalize their garden.

The $45 kit includes:

  • A Hand-crafted Garden Box with Removable Chalkboard Background

  • Customizable Chalkboard Tag

  • Dried Flower and Wood Accents

  • Succulent Pot

  • Stone, Moss, and More

We have many fun Fall, Winter, and Christmas accessories available now at Riverbend Nurseries! Again, Ashley will be teaching in the workshop how to decorate your miniature gardens to be the cutest around for the holidays and also be budget friendly.

With Autumn around the corner, you can move your outdoor fairy garden indoors to enjoy and show off!Succulents thrive in sunny locations indoors, as well as many of our tropical plants we offer.

So HOW do you sign up for this workshop? Pre-register by calling us at 615-468-2008. This class is open for all ages, however, kits are available for ages 10 and up.

Sign up today!! We want to see you Saturday, September 24th at 9am!! What questions or comments do you have?

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