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Miniature and Fairy Gardens

Hey Ya’ll!

Surely you’ve seen them. They’re in stores, they’re on Pinterest, maybe your friend has one. This year they have really become the popular thing to do in a small gardening space. What am I referring to? Miniature and Fairy gardens!

Young and old (ahem…. the young at heart) alike are loving to create these magical little gardens filled with small plants, stones, moss, and miniatures. And why not? They are cute, therapeutic, and fun- a great way to spend time by yourself putting one together or enlist your favorite, well-behaved child or grandchild to come join in (okay, just kidding- never a need to play favorites and wild, rambunctious kids are such a blessing)!

I will share a couple of ideas in today’s post about putting together a miniature garden, but to really learn all sorts of options- you ought to come to our (complimentary!!!) Miniature and Fairy Garden Class on Saturday, July 23rd!!

Taught by our very own creative queen, Ashley, the class will begin at 9am and she will have ALL SORTS of fun ideas and suggestions to making the BEST fairy gardens around town!

Mark it on your calendar- for real- you don’t want to miss this!!

So what do you make a fairy garden out of? You can use a number of things- a nice wooden box, any container pot, even a birdbath you don’t mind filling with soil. If you have a Japanese Maple or other small tree or shrub, you can even make a small one around the base of that plant.

You can add many different small plants to your fairy garden. We offer succulents, herbs, and small plants perfect for one. Again, Ashley will go into what plants are especially great at the workshop!

Whimsical items add a fun touch, such as engraved spoons.

And of course, deciding on which miniatures to purchase can be challenging! We have a large selection of cuties at our Nursery, including fairies (of course!), gnomes, dogs and cats, trees, chairs, and other gardening accents (like some of the cutest gardening boots you’ll ever see!)!

So back to our Workshop all about Miniatures and Fairy Gardens!

We will have workshop kits available so you can make your own fairy garden with everyone else at the class while having Ashley’s valuable ideas!

I recommend purchasing one of these- they are handmade by Ashley and include a handcrafted garden box with the word “believe” stenciled on the outside, stones and moss, one succulent plant, wood patio round, dried flower accents, and more!

AND then, pre-register with a $20 kit and be added into our giveaway! Register beforehand to be entered to win a stone surround (perfect to plant inside!) and (so cute!) miniature watering can (a $15 value)!

We hope you’ll join us on Saturday, July 23rd. This will be great fun for adults and also parents/ grandparents who want to do this with their older kids/ grandkids.

To pre-register and then enter our giveaway, stop by Riverbend, give us a call at 615-468-2008, or pop on over to our Facebook page and send us a message!

We hope to see ya soon!

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