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Tree Questions to ask Yourself before Planting

It’s a little hard to believe school is starting back and we are all getting back into the swing of things! This Summer has seemed to fly by! Before long, we will be pulling on lightweight sweaters, picking out pumpkins, enjoying cooler nights with family and friends at a bonfire… yes, Autumn is around the corner! As we get closer to Autumn, have you thought if there are any trees you might want to plant this Fall? The months of September thru December are great times to plant new trees! If you do not know for sure where to begin even thinking about what kind of tree would work well for your yard, below are some great and helpful questions you can ask yourself before coming out to the nursery to look for your new beauties!

As you are thinking about an awesome new tree for your yard, here are some great, helpful questions to ask yourself:

(Acer ‘October Glory’: maple tree with amazing fall foliage!)

*What purpose would you like this tree to serve in your landscape (i.e. a shade tree, fruit producing, great fall foliage, pretty spring blooms, as a privacy screen, etc.)? Many trees can offer several qualities you’re looking for!

(Thuja ‘Green Giant’: an evergreen tree that gets large and wide!)

*Would you like a deciduous tree (one that loses its leaves in winter) or an evergreen (one that keeps its foliage year round)?

(Acer ‘Tamukeyama’: Tamukeyama Japanese Maple tree)

*Are there power lines near where you are planning on planting your tree? This will affect the size of tree you look to plant.

(Prunus ‘Yoshino’: Yoshino Cherry tree; blooms early to mid-Spring)

*How large will that tree eventually get? It’s good to plant a tree proportionate to its surrounding space, especially when planting close to your house.

(Prunus ‘Kwanzan’: Kwanzan Cherry tree; blooms in mid-Spring)

*What type of sun does the space you’re thinking of have? Does the tree prefer full sun, part sun, or shade? Plant it in an area it will thrive!

Having an idea about the answers to these questions will narrow down your selection and help determine what trees would be good options for your property.

When you come visit Riverbend Nurseries, we are excited to help answer questions you may have regarding selecting a tree and can assist you in finding a tree great for your space!

We will be beginning to dig fresh trees from our tree fields in just a few weeks to offer you an amazing selection for Fall planting!

So! I’ve laid out some good questions to ask yourself about what kind of tree you’d like for your property; now what questions do you have for us?

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